Coco Coir

  1. Canna Coco Professional Plus

    Canna Coco Professional Plus is a premium quality coco blend that is designed to encourage healthy, vigorous plant growth and has been specially formulated to offer an optimum structure and purity. Canna is one of the most established brands on the m...

  2. Plant Magic Coco Coir 50L

    Plant Magic Coco Coir is probably the only reliable alternative to market leaders Canna. Plant Magic carry out no heat treatment of their coir to ensure all of the naturally occurring beneficial fungus Trichoderma remains. This encourages healthy ro...

  3. Gold Label Hydro/Coco 60/40

    Made from high quality RHP clay pebbles and coco, this 60/40 (60% Clay Pebbles/40% Coir) mix features the same clay pebbles as we sell separately and an equally good quality coco substrate. Great for use in a variety of hydroponic growing systems: ...


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