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Made from a robust and lightweight plastic/fibreglass shell with built in mounts, the fan is simple to install and can be easily cleaned by opening the casing as and when required. All sizes are fitted with a two speed switch and thermal cut-out to prevent overheating.

Airflow wise the 150mm version is best suited as an intake fan as it doesn't perform as well 'under-pressure', that is to say with a carbon filter and any length of ducting.

However, the 200mm and 250mm versions are a different story and cope well with pressures up to 250pa; this covers most fan and carbon filter setups with up to 4 metres of ducting.These fans are excellent value for money -  if it’s a non-acoustic fan you are thinking of buying these should be very high up on your list. 

Overall these are high quality fans that perform well - CAN Fan quality at sensible prices.

All CAN fans come with a two year guarantee.

CAN Max Pro Fans FAQ's:

How much air do these kits move?

Here are the free airflow figures for each fan within the kits - take off around 25% for the actual installed airflow value:

CAN Max Pro 150mm 470m³/h and 600m³/h

CAN Max Pro 200mm 793m³/h and 1218m³/h

CAN Max Pro 250mm 1224m³/h and 1660m³/h

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