Biobizz Nutrients

  1. Biobizz Grow

    BioBizz Bio Grow is an all organic growth promoter made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract. This potent growth formula is a complete fertiliser solution containing everything your plants need. Enriched with 70 trace elements, natural sugars, humic ac...

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  2. Biobizz Bloom

    Bio Bloom is a vegetable based, all-organic complete fertiliser designed for use during the productive flowering and fruiting stage of plant development. BioBizz Bio Bloom has an NPK ratio of 2-7-4 to ensure there’s a small amount of nitrogen and p...

    As low as++ £8.75
  3. BioBizz Rootjuice

    Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator that boosts existing root growth and encourages the development of new roots. It is very effective at creating an abundance of new roots when applied to rooted cuttings, but it can be u...

    As low as++ £10.95
  4. BioBizz Top Max

    BioBizz Top Max is an all-organic stimulator designed for use during the flowering and fruiting stage of development. It is tailored for use in soil based systems but can be safely used in coco and hydroponics based systems too. Top Max works by inc...

    As low as++ £12.45
  5. Biobizz Alg-A-Mic

    BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is an all organic additive, stimulant, and vitality booster for plants that utilises the many benefits of cold-pressed seaweed concentrate. The high-quality seaweed formula contains a healthy mix of micronutrients (including magnesi...

    As low as++ £8.45
  6. Biobizz Bio Heaven

    BioBizz Bio Heaven is an all-organic biological stimulant for your plants. Created from natural protein sources Bio Heaven is packed full of amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes) which are essential for the healthy structure...

    As low as++ £19.95
  7. Biobizz Acti-Vera

    Biobizz Acti-Vera is a plant based fertiliser derived from the Aloe Vera plant – its plant based and as such is suitable for Vegans. The product has several main benefits: Increase plants immune system (helps keeps plants bug and disease free) ...

    As low as++ £6.95
  8. BioBizz Fish Mix

    BioBizz Fish Mix is a complete, all-organic fertiliser designed for use with all soil mixtures. As one of the first organic fertilisers to hit the Netherlands, Fish Mix has steadily built an international reputation as being an outstanding plant fert...

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  9. BioBizz Leaf Coat

    BioBizz Leaf Coat is an all-organic foliar spray made from natural latex.. It was primarily designed to limit evaporation. However, Leaf Coat will also help strengthen your plants and increase their resistance to pests and moulds - Insects really can...


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Bio Bizz Nutrients Buyers Guide

BioBizz manufacture a full range of organic liquid fertilisers and additives to cater for growers who wish to use biological nutrients free from any chemical products. The all-organic products from BioBizz are suitable for use in all stages of plant growth, with products specifically tailored to boost the performance of your plants in each stage.

When to use BioBizz

BioBizz products are most suitable and effective when they are used with soil or coco growing mediums. After many years of use by both us and our customers, we’ve found that BioBizz nutrients and additives work particularly well when used with the Plagron Batmix soil blend.

Although BioBizz can be used with Hydroponics, we advise that you avoid using organic nutrients in hydroponic set-ups as they have a tendency to clog-up the majority of hydro systems. In this buyers guide we’ll give you a quick overview of each nutrient and additive in the BioBizz range, as well as when you should use them.

Bio Grow

Bio Grow is a Nitrogen rich liquid fertiliser that is most suitable for the vegetative stage of plant growth. However, Bio Grow can be used effectively from the time the first leaves appear right through to the end the flowering / fruiting stage. This is a well balanced fertiliser that will give your plants a green, healthy look as well as promoting strong vegetative growth.

It is made up of 100% sugar beet extract and contains a range of essential amino acids and more than 70 trace elements to ensure your plants get all the nutrition they need. Bio Grow is designed to activate bacterial flora and therefore it is most effective when used with an organic soil mixture like Plagron Batmix.


Bio Grow can be used throughout the entire vegetative and flowering / fruiting stage of plant development. For the best results, start using Bio Grow when your plants reach a height of about 10cm and the first leaves have appeared.

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Bio Bloom

Bio Bloom is a liquid fertiliser that’s high in both Phosphorous and Potassium; two chemical elements which are crucial to productive plant performance during the flowering / fruiting stage of development. It also contains a smaller quantity of Nitrogen which plants still need during this phase of their growth cycle.

As well as these elements, Bio Bloom contains more than 70 trace elements and is packed with added hormones, amino acids, and enzymes to fully promote healthy and vigorous flowering and fruiting. It is effective when used with both soil and coco and produces strong stems as well as increasing flower and fruit production.


Bio Bloom can be used from the start of the flowering / fruiting stage right through until it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labour. The manufacturer recommends using around 2-4ml of Bio Bloom per litre of water.

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Alg-A-Mic is derived from high quality seaweed and has been designed for use as an organic stress reliever for plants and to boost chlorophyll absorption. It contains low levels of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous meaning it is impossible to over-feed this additive to your plants, although using too much of this won’t be of benefit and will just be a waste of your money.

It is most effective when used in flowering and can be added to your regular nutrient solution or applied to your plants by means of a foliar spray. Alg-A-Mic is often used to combat common plant stressors, such as over-feeding, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and undesirable temperature fluctuations. The less stress your plants are under, the more productive they will be, especially during flowering and fruiting stages of development.


Alg-A-Mic is suitable for use during all stages of development but is most effective when used during the flowering and fruiting stages. The manufacturer recommends using around 1-4ml of Alg-A-Mic per litre of water.

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Fish Mix

Fish Mix is a great fertiliser that stimulates bacterial flora, which means it’s most effective in an organic soil mix like Plagron Batmix. It is comprised of a mix of North Sea fish emulsion and extract of Dutch sugar beet and is designed to boost the growth of living organisms in your growing medium, from beneficial bacteria to increased production of useful microorganisms.

Fish Mix can be used on poor quality or overused soil to enrich it and increase the amount of natural minerals available to your plants. However, it is suitable for use in all soil and coco growing mediums.


Fish Mix has quite a pungent aroma and we only recommend using it in extremely well ventilated indoor grow rooms or outdoor use. The mix itself can be used from the second week of vegetative growth all the way through flowering and fruiting to the point of harvest. The manufacturer recommends using around 1-4ml of Fish Mix per litre of water, depending on what growing medium you are using.

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Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is an organic booster that has several uses. Although not an essential product for healthy growth, it does work hard to enhance the effects of any foliar sprays and fertilisers you are currently using and will promote healthy growth and more bountiful yields.

As well as enhancing the effect of currently used nutrients, Bio Heaven also acts to rid plants of harmful toxins, repair chlorophyll production and stimulate plant development by increasing energy levels. It contains a range of amino acids and biological stimulants which help your plants form proteins and enzymes that help their development.


Bio Heaven is suitable for use throughout the entire vegetative and flowering / fruiting stage and is effective in both soil and coco based substrates. The manufacturer recommends using around 2-5ml of Bio Heaven per litre of water, gradually increasing the amount you deliver to your plants.

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Root Juice

Root Juice is designed to boost root production in your plants and to improve nutrient uptake. The stronger the roots of your plants, the better prepared they are to absorb nutrients from their surrounding environment, whether that’s soil or coco. When your plants have a strong root structure and increased nutrient uptake they will naturally grow bigger, healthier, and produce more bountiful yields.


Root Juice is most effective during the first week or two of plant development, when using a root stimulant is highly important. It can be used in soil and coco mediums and can also be used in hydroponic systems. The manufacturer recommends using around 1-4ml of Root Juice per litre of water.

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Top Max

Top Max is a completely organic flowering booster that serves three key purposes:

  • Increasing flower size
  • Increasing nutrient uptake
  • Enhancing the taste of your crops

Top Max stimulates the metabolism of plants by increasing the flow of essential ions like calcium, magnesium, and iron. It does this through the use of humic and fulvic acids, which work together to increase the energy in older plant cells and stimulate the growth of new ones.


Top Max is suitable for use during the whole of the flowering and fruiting stage of development. Te manufacturer recommends starting out with a small does of 1ml of Top Max per litre of water, increasing this to around 4ml per litre in the weeks before flushing and harvest.

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Leaf Coat

Leaf Coat is made from natural latex and is designed to strengthen plant structure as well as protect your plants from insects and disease. It is a ready-to-use formula that comes supplied with an atomizer to enable its use as a foliar spray.

It works within a few hours of use and forms an ultra-thin elastic layer around the leaves. This layer acts to protect the plants from pests and disease whilst at the same time also being permeable enough to not restrict the amount of air and light available to the leaves.

Leaf Coat is effective both in hot and cool conditions, protecting the leaves against the cold at lower temperatures and preventing the loss of water through evaporation in higher temperatures. Overall, Leaf Coat can be a very useful companion to have in any grow room.


Leaf Coat comes ready to use and does not need to be mixed or diluted before being applied to your plants. Leaves and flowers should be sprayed completely about twice a week for the best results, and Leaf Coat should always be applied using the supplied atomizer. Plants don’t absorb any of the Leaf Coat so there’s no risk of hindering the taste of your crops.

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Biobizz Infographic

Here's a quick infographic that talks a bit more about each of the individual Biibizz nutrients and how they work:

BioBizz Video

We’ve created a short but comprehensive video guide on the range of BioBizz nutrients which quickly sums up what is covered in this guide. Check it out:

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