Air-Cooled Systems

  1. Cooltube 125mm Grow Light

    Cooltubes are great for taking the heat out at source, especially in confined spaces or where there is more than one light per m².

    As low as++ £112.43
  2. Cooltube 150mm Grow Light

    Great for 600W lights when height or heat is an issue.
    Not the best spread so best used in small areas or with multiple units.

    As low as++ £109.15
  3. GoldStar 125mm Grow Light

    A cracking reflector optimised for use with lamps up to 400W. Works beautifully in a DR90.

    As low as++ £140.93
  4. GoldStar 150mm Grow Light

    A very well built air-cooled reflector for 600W lamps. Totally sealed and featuring a hinged glass panel for easy cleaning and lamp changes. 

    As low as++ £151.90

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